This site is dedicated to helping big game hunters find lost and wounded game, by either training a dog they already own, determining which breed fits their specific interests and finding a puppy to purchase, or hiring a professional tracker to come in for hire on a short term basis.

I had dogs before I ever hunted deer, and so after I became a deer hunter, if I needed a blood dog, there was always one at the camp nearby and ready to go. I never raised my puppies with that as a sole objective or even trained them specifically to trail blood. They were naturals, because as puppies they were there in the skinning shed and licked blood and got treats during deer season. For this reason, I advise you to consider buying a puppy and raising it for next season, before trying to find an experienced finished dog.

So, I have always hunted White-tailed deer with a blood dog and never knew how much demand there was for blood dogs until so many people started buying my puppies and raising them to be blood dogs. And then, as I researched the blood tracking dog market and started studying statistics, I discovered that, in my opinion, too many deer were being shot and lost every year during hunting season.

I have a vision of changing history and I need your help. Thus far, wildlife biologists are proposing that during our annual deer harvests, more deer are shot and lost than found and everybody seems to accept that as that is just how it is. I plan to change those statistics in the near future. I need your help to do that. I am just one man, and I can only raise and train so many dogs by myself. But collectively, with the information I am selling in my book, we hunters, families, clubs, and with the help of man's best friend can make the future of deer hunting much more rewarding, efficient and ethical.

We invest time, money and energy into, leases, scouting, weapons, ammo, clothes, stands, feed plots, scents, ATVs, boats, trucks, camps, licenses, travel expenses, and insect repellent! And after all this pays off and we have made a clean shot, and have a blood trail with a deer down somewhere , we are not prepared to find our meat or trophy, because we do not have the help of a dog and his nose.

This site is being created to educate deer hunters to use a simple and effective method of finding dead or wounded deer and bringing home the meat and trophy. Not only do we save more meat and trophies, we save time which leaves us even more time to hunt! I have been doing this for years and never gave it any thought as to how big the issue of lost deer is for most people hunting deer. I have always had dogs willing to help me with any animal control situation which arose.

I have always spent a lot of time with my Catahoula Curs because they come with me to work and to play. They feed me, guard me, entertain me, and recently because I have had to accept my dogs are smarter than me, they are also educating me. I have learned a lot from my dogs, and I want to pass on what they and the old timers have taught me. Also, I have had the great benefit of learning from old timers who have shared their wisdom through the years, of the pack instinct in dogs and how that effects a dogs performance and natural hunting instincts. I don't want to say forget everything you ever learned about dogs and come with an open mind, but it is essential that you consider most of what the old timers first shared with me, seemed illogical. I did not believe them and would not try it, because I thought it did not make sense, and I was operating under the assumption, I was smarter than them.

You may also be confronted with this same problem too. Bear with me, and maybe, like me, your dogs will eventually teach you that "the old-timers" were right.

There is a lot resistance to using dogs for tracking wounded and dead deer. But, in 2010, 12 states lifted the ban on using blood tracking dogs, and that indicated that the timing is right to move this thing forward and change perceptions.

There are also a lot of myths regarding the use of dogs to recover deer. I will dispel the myths and tell you the truth about breeding, raising, training, handling and so you can, like I, easily find more deer, and help me change the course of history.

These are photos of me, Marcus de la Houssaye, leading a group of young, started dogs on a training exercise with liver and freshly-thawed rawhide.

At the end of the trail everyone was allowed to partake in a slice of fresh liver as seen below, and to feast on a fresh kill above, just like wolves in the wild. Repeating this exercise time after time reinforces the pack instinct of wolves that has been carried out for generations past.

We train ALL animals. Call for details! 337 298 2630 If in an initial consultation, I am convinced you have a dog you already own who qualifies for my program, we can meet and I will further evaluate your options for training.